Top 5 must-have experiences in The Bahamas

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Waves rolling across the turquoise ocean, birds gliding in clear blue skies… mega yachts docked in full splendor. These images of paradise might seem like a dream, but this is The Bahamas. Anyone who thinks to the Caribbean makes a stop at The Bahamas, and for good reasons. Listen to the upbeat tropical music, feast your eyes with tables full of colorful fresh fruit, and delectable seafood, feel the sand below your feet, that’s The Bahamas and more.

The Bahamas is a collection of 700 islands from which Andros is the largest. Only 30 islands are inhabited, though, and are home to almost 400,000 people!

If you’re on the line and are still deciding where to go this year, how prepared are you for your trip? Read on and see if the delightful Caribbean islands are for you. These are 5 things you must do in the Bahamas.


1. Visit Rose Island

See the crystal-clear water at Sandy Toes on Rose Island, the best beaching locations nearest Nassau.  Take an unbeatable day excursion to the paradise shores of Rose Island in the Bahamas. Spend the day snorkeling and kayaking or lazing on a hammock on the private beach. When the winds are coming out of the north, this area is totally protected and available for beaching.


2. Take a Bahama Bonanza Cultural Tour

Each one of your senses will be tantalized as you experience the rich, Bahamian culture. Visit the landmarks, talk to locals, learn about the interesting history and see with your own eyes why people in the Bahamas have such a relaxed, joyful lifestyle. Enjoy local food, taste the best rum cake you have ever had, experience the delicious and refreshing natural herbal remedies that the natives have enjoyed for hundreds of years, and have a frothy pina colada before heading to see the Fort Fincastle and Bahamas’ own Statue of Liberty. Check this out for some guided tours.

3. Rent a Waterfront Bungalow

There are plenty of amazing five-star resorts in the Bahamas, and each offers a remarkable stay. We recommend, though, to rent a private beach-front bungalow and live the sunny islands as if they were your second home. Some of our favorites are in the Stocking Island in Georgetown.

4. Exuma pigs, sharks and iguanas tour

The Instagram-famous swimming pig is the latest travel trend. But it’s not just for rich celebs: you can visit too. Take a two-hour boat ride from Nassau to where the Insta-stars live on their own private paradise island at Big Major Cay.  Then go to the pristine beach on Bitter Guana Cay, home to the Bahamian Rock Iguanas. The iguanas on Iguana Island Bahamas are fairly domesticated just as wildlife on any of the Exuma Cays. They are used to human interaction and, generally, pretty friendly. However, they will only let you get so close. On the way back you have the option to visit Compass Cay with its Nurse Sharks where you can swim with sharks. This exciting unique experience is entirely at your own risk. The sharks here are wild animals, and while the owners of the Compass Cay Marina think of the sharks as pets, you would be wise to exercise caution. That being said, these creatures are mostly harmless, and as long as you don’t provoke them, or try to feed them, you’ll be safe.

The incredibly clear water of the Bahamas lends itself greatly to this tour, so if you come armed with snorkel gear, you will have a simply phenomenal view of these creatures as they swim around you.


5. Take a Cooking Lesson

Take an authentic cooking lesson in Nassau, visit different locations, and make your own classic island brunch. Exotic ingredients, intense flavors, and perpetual mimosas guarantee an enlightening experience and an excellent time to share with your loved ones. Local food is the window to people’s souls, so take a peek! A local chef can show you the most interesting locations for tastings and  you learn how to make your own Caribbean brunch.

BONUS: Try a Conch Ceviche

The pink, gigantic shellfish, is a local delicacy, and its meat is sweet and creamy. There’s nothing like enjoying local food, and it’s even better when fresh. Try a tangy, conch ceviche and pair it with a cold beer while your naked feet feel the white sand, and you bathe in the golden, tropical rays of the dying sun.

There you have it!

The Bahamas is an extraordinary place filled with excitement. There’s no better way to spend the vacations, so don’t wait, and see for yourself!

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