How to make a day tour in Bali in a different way then classical sightseeing

by Sandra Herea
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Do you remember those crazy trips when you suddenly woke up in an unexpected holiday with your best friends? Do you remember the fun, how much you laughed with them, what you have visited, the pictures you took, the unique moments when you didn’t have enough money to buy or to do something special, but it doesn’t matter because you are all there, living in the moment? What do you think to live once again the same experience, just for one day, in Bali? And not in a usual way, no. This time, the fun comes with a vintage Jeep.



It’s not just a methaphor, it’s the key to a perfect day in Bali. Explore the island’s wildness and let the wind blow through your hair in a tour with a vintage cabriolet Volkswagen Jeep. You could rent one, or go for an organized tour, the second option being our recommendation because in this way you will have the chance to get to unexpected and almost untouched places.

Touch the ruins of a thousand years old temple, visit the Balinese village, take a break in one of the rice fields and enjoy your lunch in a local Balinese house:


Morning at Tanah Lot Temple

I know it sounds like a dream, but in this tour you have the possibility to wake up in a temple surrounded by the sea. Fascinating, right? In other words, the adventure starts at 7:00 AM, when your guide is coming to pick you up with the Volkswagen Jeep from your accommodation. First stop? Tanah Lot Temple. It is believed that at the base of the rocky island, venomous sea snakes guard the temple from evil spirits and intruders. But don’t be scared, the place is perfect for meditation and creating memories with the camera while the sound of the crashing waves floods your mind and soul.

Traditional Balinese Villages

The next stop? The Pejaten Village. This pittoresque Balinese village is famous for its pottery and ceramics, made by the local craftsman. Let the curiosity drive you at their workshop and see how they make artistic ceramics.

Take a lunch in a local Balinese house

The journey is only halfway through, because you’re going to have lunch in a local Balinese house. In this way, you have the chance to interact with their culture, to learn about their daily life and also, about architecture. If the buildings were talking, they would say that everything you see in the village is in a completely harmony, because the architecture is based on Hindu Dharma principle. This code of living deals with the moral order of the Universe.

Rice fields. Talk with the local farmers and enjoy the view

Continue your adventure on board a Jeep to visit Riang Darma village. Here, you can take a deep breath, walk in the rice fields, stay and chat with the local farmers. Then, you’re going back to your accommodation with the vintage VW Jeep, adding to your life new fascinating experiences and knowledges.


End the day at Denpasar Street Food Market

It’s time to return the small vintage 4×4 Volkswagens and go for an walking adventure across Denpasar’s bustling streets at night. Receive the best way to get a true local experience of Denpasar. Hit up different spots that allow you to taste some of the island’s best flavors from Babi Guling (suckling pig), soto ayam, satay, rice cake as well as local desserts and snacks such as Martabak, Jaja Bali and some tropical fruits. A foodie guide will take you to the best of those spots whilst you learn about Denpasar culture. Make sure you bring your appetite for this end of the day!

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