6 Ways to visit Petra from Israeli resort of Eilat

by Sandra Herea
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Scuba diving, swimming with the dophins, hiking, Red Sea and Coral Beach Underwater Observatory. And, of course, the list can continue. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m talking about the stunning Eilat. But what I found really interesting is one opportunity that this place offers you: to visit Petra with Jordanian surroundings from Israel, and Eilat it’s your gate. This place has become a favorite destination for most tourists, thanks to the new airport, The Ramon Airport, and the increase of the direct flights, especially low-cost airlines. Well, if you think about a holiday here, there are plenty of things to do and see.

There are 6 ways about how to visit Petra from Eilat, the Israeli resort-town on the Red Sea. I think it would be a shame for you to miss this chance, to miss a walk among the never ending rocky walls or the breathtaking view, one that I found extraordinary, a must see without any doubts.

The ways to visit Petra from Israel are including tours, taxi or maybe renting a car. Everything depends on you and your preferences. That’s why I’m going to present you some paths you may choose for getting to Petra from Eilat:


1. Visit Petra in One Day Tour from Eilat

This magical tour starts at 7 am, when someone is coming to pick you up from 1 of their 4 centralized pickup points and transfer you to Arava Border- crossing. The border passing and this journey will consist in several hours, so be patient and enjoy the wonderful views. There, a tour guide will tell you the story of this amazing place and will lead you through the Siq, Obelisk Tomb, Calligraphy, Treasury, Jabal Madbach (the sacrificial palace), Tombs, Theater, Mountaintop Tombs. Also, on your itinerary will be a traditional Jordanian lunch at a local restaurant.

The adventure ends with a return to your accommodation, but on your way back, there are some stops for you to enjoy the wonderful Wadi Rum. This tour costs from $199person / $142 child.

Well, to summarize, Petra 1 Day Tour includes: transportation to all sites, entrance fees, an English language Guide and lunch. But, border and visa fees are not included in the tour price, you’ll have to pay in cash to the border authorities. The border crossing fee is $65 and the Jordanian visa fee costs $60 for those who have not pre-arranged it.

Here you will find more details about the Jordanian visa: https://www.touristisrael.com/visa-for-jordan/28156/ 

2. Two-days tour to Petra from Eilat with overnight in Petra

Visit Petra Overnight

This tour will cost you from $240-person. I recommend this tour because you’ll have enough time to explore this marvelous place. Besides what Petra 1 Day tour has to offer, this one includes full day of transportation, one night at a 3 star hotel and as I mentioned, enough time to explore the surroundings. As the other one, this tour doesn’t include border and visa fees in the price.


3. Visit Petra and Wadi Rum 2 Day Tour From Israel

Another option is Petra and Wadi Rum 2 Day Tour and it’s a popular one among the tourists. Why? Because it costs $250-person / $180-child and it includes, besides guided tour, full day transportation, lunch and so on, an overnight in a Bedouin camp, and a jeep safari at Wadi Rum on the second day. And of course, time to admire the beauties of Petra, which is important if you want to understand something from your journey.

4. Tour to Petra from Eilat with overnight in Aqaba

As the other ones, this tour doesn’t include visa issue, but I bet that an overnight in Aqaba sounds great! This adventure will offer you so many incredible views, time to reflect on what you have seen and a delicious traditional lunch. The price of this tour is from $250-person. What makes it different from the other ones is the place where you will stay overnight, and let me tell you something, Aqaba is without any doubts wonderful. The choice is yours!

5. Did someone say private taxi to visit Petra from Israel?

Well, if you want to avoid a tour, you could grab a taxi. So, a taxi to Petra from the Jordanian side of the Arava Border (Wadi Araba) is $97. And of course, the whole journey, including the return and the waiting time, will cost you around $194. At this price you should add the cost of the tickets and if you’re going to stay for the night, the cost of the hotel. That’s why a tour sounds better, at least if you are a solo traveler.

What I find difficult here is the fact that you cannot pass the border by taxi, you’ll have to walk to Jordan and after that, take another taxi. It’s a problem because if you intend to stay just for one day, this may cost you some time. But, I recommend for you to book all this in advance.

Also, have in mind that a taxi transfer prearranged will be a little expensive, but it offers you safety and some other garanties, rather than negotiating at that moment. I think that this way of travel is for independent tourists, who don’t want to be disturbed. It is true that you’ll have more time to admire what you find beautiful, although it is hard, because Petra and its surroundings are amazing, but you should think about money too and about in which way you get there easily.

6. How about renting a car to visit Petra?

Unfortunately, the option to rent a car from Eilat isn’t the best choice, because, as with the taxi, you will not be able to cross the border. But if you insist in renting a car, you could rent from Jordaninan side, just 5 km / 3 miles away from the city center of Eilat after a short taxi ride to the border.

I recommend taking a 4×4 for an intense experience, but be careful, if you want to use your rental car to Wadi Rum, some insurance policies do not cover demages caused by unpaved roads. One more thing, you will have no GPS signal in the Wadi Rum desert. I know that getting lost with some friends sounds like adventure, but is not the case here, so pay attention. 

Anndddddd… another thing, you should know that there is no bus that may take you directly from Eilat to Petra. If you want to take a bus, you should go to Aqaba, but that involves time and more money.


Whatever you’ll choose, be sure you won’t miss this stunning place, Petra! I recommend for you a 2 day tour because in this way you’ll have enough time to enjoy this adventure and maybe catch an unforgettable sunset!





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