8 places to see in california

8 incredible places you must see if you think about a road trip to California

by Sandra Herea
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I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear about California, I just have to think about this: “California knows how to party”. You know, 2pac’s song, “California love”. Definitely The Golden states has a reputation for its tumultuous parties and unforgettable memories, but if you have time to open your eyes, you’ll be fascinated about what this state is hiding. As a citizen, aren’t you tired of this clichés? Have you considered to go on a road trip and see maybe for the first time, or for the second time California? This state is like a treasure. Apparently, it’s an old trunk, but when you open it, you’ll be blown away by the warm beaches, breathtaking cities, stunning landscapes and natural wonders. Not to mention about its amazing national parks and perfect sunsets.

The Golden state has a diverse geography, which includes Sierra Nevada mountain, Mojave Desert, Douglas fir forests and the Pacific Coast. So, a holiday here definitely doesn’t sounds boring! These are 10 incredible places you must see if you think about a road trip to California:

1. See the incredible L.A. through different eyes

Just being in Los Angeles makes your heart pumping. Don’t you agree with this? Well, just take a look at the surroundings, at the incredible streets, buildings and people. But as I told you, let’s leave the clichés aside. I’m not going to talk about Hollywood or about what makes L.A. famous. I’m here to tell you a story about cosmos, about the perfect way to explore what the infinite universe has to offer at the Griffith Observatory. Here you can look through telescopes, watch live shows in the planetarium and admire amazing views of Mount Hollywood and L.A.

Also, if you prefer spending time outside, I recommend for you a bike ride from Venice Beach to Santa Monica, the place where you will see many street performers as well as roller-skaters and cyclists. Anyway, if you want to spend some time in silence, alone, Huntington Library offers you this chance. What makes this library special is the fact that it has a dreamy garden, where you can sit, enjoy a good book and a cup of tea. Imagine a place full of flowers, statues, trees, waterfalls and a Japanese-style bridge. What an incredible place, huh? However, I’m pretty sure you won’t miss a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, where you can see imposing mountains of Malibu and the never ending ocean. But at some point you will discover Point Dume and you will be surprised by a breathtaking view! Here, you have the opportunity to admire sea lions, warm beaches and maybe whale from the distance.

Also, while you are in Los Angeles, be sure that Natural History Museum, California Science Center and OUE Skyspace are on your bucketlist!


2. A day trip to Catalina Island

This island looks unreal, I know. It’s like something out of this world, that’s why some of Hollywood’s biggest stars come here. This rocky island has breathtaking views, blue crystal water and a romantic vibe. Here you can do scuba diving, kayaking, and parasailing. Moreover, if you are looking for an adventure, maybe you will have in mind an ocean expedition with a 500 hp inflatable Ribcraft boat.

This incredible island offers you the chance to see dolphins and sea lions in their natural environment. But keep in mind that advance reservations are recommended. Also, here there are so called “romance package”. So, if you and your partener choose Catalina Island and this package, you’ll enjoy an one-hour cruise abord Catalina Express, a tour of this amazing island with IEX Helicopters, day passes to Island Spa Catalina and so many other. But this package is valid for Wednesday through Sunday check-ins only. What about how you get there? Well, you can reach the island by taking a ferry from San Pedro, Long Beach, Newport Beach, and Dana Point.


3. Monarch Butterflies at Pismo Beach

Nature is suprising, somehow unreal, there’s no doubts in that. But this incredible place is pure magic, it looks like a dream, not something palpable. If you visit California between October and February, definitely you shouldn’t miss Pismo Beach. Thousands of Monarch Butterflies migrates here for the winter and you can find them resting on Eucalyptus Trees. Imagine taking a walk through paths filled with thousands of orange and black butterflies. What a dream, huh? However, this place is about a 3 hour drive from Los Angeles on the Central California coast. Be sure you won’t miss this marvelous event!


4. Drive along Big Sur Coastline

Big Sur, a popular destination because of its stunning views, sunny beaches, redwood forests and hiking, was called one of the most beautiful coastline in the world. Just close your eyes for a second and imagine driving and filming this beauties. The memory of this place will stay with you forever. Along the way, you can see Bixby Bridge, the tallest single-span bridge in the world, Point Sur lighthouse and the McWay Falls. Also, there are small beaches, one of them is Garrapata State Park, barely visible from the Highway. Here, tourists have the opportunity to see migrating whales, sea lions, seals and sea otters.


5. San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

You can’t think about California and not have in mind this amazing, stunning city, San Francisco. As my mum says: end of discussion. But no, this time I’m going to explain why. So, this place is filled with joy, history, warm beaches, museums and imposing streets. Can we agree on that? But what about the fact that the Golden Gate Bridge completes this image perfectly? Well, take a picture, maybe two, but after that just stay there and enjoy the enormous, breathtaking view. After this, be sure you won’t miss the famous Alcatraz Island, Asian Art Museum, the picturesque Fisherman’s Wharf and the old Chinatown. And of course, if you want to see what this majestic city has to offer and not miss any building or tiny street, there is a San Francisco Walking tour. Not to mention about the vintage ride with the Cable Cars. But what about the accommodation? Well, I recommend for you to stay near Union Square, because here there is a large number of restaurants, galleries, coffee shops and you’ll have the access to all types of transport.


6. The perfect place to visit every season: Lake Tahoe

This place is a large freshwater lake, situated in Sierra Nevada. Lake Tahoe offers a sublime view due to the mountains and pine forests that are surrounding it. Also, it has a long history, because it was formed about two million years ago as part of the Lake Tahoe Basin. Fascinating, right? What I want to mention is the fact that you can visit it in every season and do different things. In one hand, during summertime you can walk, enjoy what nature has to offer or do some water sports. But on the other hand, in winter season, Lake Tahoe becomes a wonderland, a place where you can ski, sledge or enjoy a cup of hot tea.

7. Redwood National Park. Trees, harmony and hiking     

8 places to see in californiaIf you feel it’s time to escape from the reality and connect with nature for some days, Redwood National Park is the perfect place. Here, you can see the Redwood’s trees, the oldest and tallest trees in the United States and be part of this harmony, called wildlife. If you have only one day, just enjoy the sound of flowing rivers and try to discover some of the protected and rare species that live here. But if you are going to stay more, there are several hike routes like Fern Canyon Trail or Lady Bird Johnson Grove Loop, an easy self-guided tour.

Also, you have the opportunity to see the area from the water with Klamath River Jet Boat Tour. But what about driving through this incredible place? Well, yes, definitely you should do that! There are three drive-thru trees welcome visitors on the Redwood Coast, including the Tour-Thru Tree in Klamath. Moreover, you don’t have to pay to visit this giant, stunning place. And if you think about in which season should you visit it, the answer is anytime.


8. The famous Death Valley

Death Valley is a desert valley located in Eastern California and one of the hottest places in the world. I know it may sounds dangerous, but if you are visiting it in the early hours of the day, I assure you’ll be blown away by this unique place. There’s plenty of things to do and see, like hiking, camping or watch the incredible, never ending sky in the night and its majestic stars. Despite its name, this incredible park sustains life. Death Valley has some rare and amazing wildflower, when the conditions are right. So, be sure you won’t miss this spectacular event when you are in California!

Here we go!

Well, your adventure doesn’t have to stop here. Why? Because California has so many other places to visit, to enjoy. The Golden state has its magic, filled with sunny beaches, natural wonders, amazing driving experiences and stunning landscapes. Try to see the incredible California with other eyes and you will be fascinated!



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