Explore the top 5 destinations for 2020, according to Tripadvisor

by Sandra Herea
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Tripadvisor just announced the top of the best destinations for 2020, based on reviews and ratings from last year. If you are in search of ideas for your next holiday, here are the first 5 destinations, according to Tripadvisor’s top, but it’s time to explore them in more.

Holidays, new people, new cultures, new streets, new feelings. Well, don’t you need one? Me? Definitely, I do. Just came from one, but when I think about what the world has to offer, about creating new memories, about the smell of the rain in another country, I just have to look for the next one.  Let’s see what’s trending for traveling in 2020:

1. Walk on Kochi famous streets, in India

Kochi is a major port city, situated on the south-west coast of India and the home, for centuries, of Indian spice trade. This place is a mix of architecture and pure joy, because, back in time, it was occupied by the Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese and British people. For me, it sounds like a dream to step on those streets, where history changed so many lives. Why am I saying this? Because you can explore the beauties of this majestic place without taking a bus or a taxi, just walking. Also, Kochi is a city for all budgets. Here, you can eat delicious food and not worrying about the fact that the bill could be half of your savings. Not to mention about cooking lessons. The hosts at many of Kochi’s popular homestays offers you the opportunity to learn how to cook traditional dishes. However, the first word that came up in my mind when I think about India is colours and Kochi has all of them. From the Bazzar Market to Kochi-Muziris Biennale (the biggest exhibition and contemporary arts festival in Asia), everything is a game of colours. This city has perfect sunsets, the iconic Chinese Fishing Nets, where you can watch  the local fisherman doing their jobs, old streets, Kathakali (a traditional dance), nice people and a somehow, a romantic chaos. No wonder why Kochi is the first one in this top. Make sure you won’t miss this place!


2. Luzon (Philippines), the place where nature is ready to take your breath away

Luzon is located in northern portion of the archipelago and  is the largest and most populous island in the Philippines. Here, unexpected small villages, sunny beaches, museums and unexplored jungles make you forget about the bad part of the world. This island is for troubled souls, because a simple walk on green rice terraces in Batad could heal any wounds. Also, you have the chance to stay with a family, learn about their daily life and see the nearby waterfall. Yet, if you are fascinated about volcanos, you can see Ta’al Volcano, located in Tagaytay City. What makes this place unique is the fact that sits in the middle of a lake, but the mouth of Ta’al Volcano holds a lake as well. Nature is pretty miraculous, hah? But the adventure doesn’t stop here, Luzon offers you the opportunity to go on a private getaway on Magalawa Island. Ah, I forgot about the food. Luzon has so many cities and that means, a large number of restaurants where you can try traditional dishes like deep fried egg rolls called Lumpia and chicken vermicelli noodle soup called Chicken Sotanghon. If you are looking for excellent views, for picturesque landscapes, for unforgettable trips, Luzon is the perfect place!


3. Enjoy a glass of wine in Porto, Portugal

Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal and one of the oldest European centres. That’s why, today, this old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll be fascinating by its Baroque churches, Ribeira district and its little streets and above all, by Porto wine. Sounds delicious, right? Well, this city is described by chaos, but is not something that ruins your day, it’s a chaos that brings a smile on your face. Cais da Ribeira is the home of this feeling, a very picturesque piazza, a place where tourists enjoy their meal or coffee. Not to mention that here you can take the perfect photo with the iconic Luís I Bridge. Also, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be blown away by the beauty of numerous churches like Church of São Francisco, Clérigos Church, Porto Cathedral and Church of Santa Clara. And if you’re lucky to be there on June 23rd (St John’s Eve), be ready to dance on the Porto streets, because Porto’s Festa de São João opens its gates. Imagine strangers dancing together, people hitting each other with mallets, good music and a lot of fun.

I think there was no need to say that when you are in Porto you have to take a Douro Valley tour through the vineyards. Spend a full day taking in the landscapes of the Douro Valley, tasting port wines, table wines and olive oil. Enjoy a traditional Portuguese lunch and take a ride along the Douro River on a Rabelo boat.


4. Porto Seguro (Brazil) and its tumultuous nightlife

If you are looking for a wilde adventure, exciting nightlife, lovely beaches and history, Porto Seguro is the perfect place. The city is located in the far south of Bahia, Brazil, the home of people filled with passion and pure joy. If Porto Seguro is on your bucketlist, make sure you don’t miss the historic center, one of the first towns in the country. You can climb a staircase from the street below to reach the historic center, but don’t do this by night, because it could be dangerous. Otherways, the view of the ocean is breathtaking and it’s the perfect time to create some memories with the camera. As you may know, brazilian people are good dancers and for that, the beaches are the ideal places to exercise your moves. Also, here, you have the chance to go on the Reserva Indígena da Jaqueir tour. Sounds complicated? Well, it’s pretty simple. You’ll be guided by the native people, with painted faces and dressed in their traditional ways, through the tropical jungle. You can try some native dishes, practice archery and see medical trees. I’m sure that nothing beats this experience! Don’t forget about the food. I recommend for you a dine at the restaurante Portinha. Try some excellent traditional dishes at a reasonable price.


5. The picturesque Gramado, Brazil

Gramado is a small tourist city, but filled with lovely landscapes, majestic architecture, kindness and good food. Here you can enjoy a guided tour with wine tasting at Casa Seganfredo, a full-day tour in Gramado and Canela City, where you can admire the Bavarian architecture, the town’s Gothic cathedral and drink a cup of coffee while the sun touches your face. And if you’re think it’s too hot for you, escape anytime in Snowland, the place where you can experience a ski simulator. Don’t forget about the Lago Negro. This lake was named after a German gentlemen brought some pine trees from the Black Forest. Imagine that you are walking on a flowered alley, smell their parfume and enjoy a peaceful evening, while de cold wind blow through your hair. And of course, if you are a movie fan, Festival de Gramado is a major South American film festival and Gramado’s most important event. Be sure you won’t miss it!

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