10 travel movies quarantine-corona

10 travel movies for a virtual journey while you’re stuck in quarantine

by Sandra Herea
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It’s no longer a secret that due to corona outbreak, we have to stay at home and probably watching movies is the most popular activity while you are stuck in quarantine. There’s a global pause out there and that means enough time for you to enjoy a good book, to spend time with your family, to learn how to cook, or see a movie. Well, it’s pretty hard to stay still when you are a traveler, hah? Let me tell you something: don’t worry, I have the perfect solution.

If you miss the feeling of packing your bags, I will offer you this chance. Grab some popcorn, something to drink, get comfy and be ready to watch 10 travel movies that will inspire you to jump on the first plane when all the quarantine is over.

It might sound silly, but travel movies are actually a thing. Personally, I found myself many times in the situation of wanting to visit a place, just because I saw it in a film. Is like a drama movie that makes you feel something, makes you empathize and maybe cry.

This one opens your eyes to new places, present to you some travel tips, makes you want to explore and enjoy new cultures, feel a different breeze on your skin. Or maybe you are someone that wants so much to travel, but doesn’t find the courage and these 10 travel movies will inspire you, push you to go on your own adventure. So, let the holiday begin:

 1. A true story:  “Into the Wild”

Well, for me is not just a travel movie. Into the Wild, actually, is one of my favorite ones. This movie tells the story of Christopher McCandless, a 22 year-old men, who freshly graduate college and has a promising future. But, instead of choosing a career, as society and parents expected, he goes in search of adventures. He doesn’t seek to become an adult, as I call people who forget to enjoy the small joys of life, but an adventurer, a free spirit.

That’s why I believe that Christopher McCandless is in each of us. He is the desire for new, for touching the unknown and for creating memories, discovering breathtaking views that fills your soul with peace. Moreover, this travel movie is based on a true story. So, it might give you courage to reach some destinations you have always dream visiting them.

into the wild travel movie to watch while quarantine

2. “The Bucket List” — a truly travel movie

Two old guys in the same hospital room are terminally ill. Does it sound like a movie? Well, this film has its roots in the sad, ruthless reality, but it manages to bring a smile on your face when the two companions decide to make a bucket list. Despite the cancer diagnosis, the two men try to help each other to fulfill their most burning desires, some life goals. I don’t know about you, but after watching this travel movie, I had to write my own bucket list.

Somehow it makes you realize that we procrastinate our dreams and a few are those how dare to follow their goals. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson manage to take you through some marvelous places like Taj Mahal, Egypt, The Great Wall of China, Tanzania, France and so many others. Anddddd… of course, the humor with which they treat this unexpected journey makes you completely forget about the current situation.

3. Maybe the most famous travel movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”

We find hopeless romantics in quarantine, right? Well, this travel movie is about Frances Mayes, an American writer who has recently divorced. She accepted an invitation, from her best friend Patti, for a 10 days trip in Italy, Tuscan. There, in a moment of spontaneity, she bought a house and decides to start a new chapter of her life. I know that Italy is going through some tough times right now, but I have to make a confession: I love this country.

Italy is filled with passionate citizens, with narrow streets, colorful scooters, mozzarella and a music that nourishes your soul. Not to mention about its history and the beautiful language. Well, Under the Tuscan Sun captures these aspects of Italy pretty well and gives you a romantic vibe. Moreover, it gives you the courage and the straight to move on when you feel like everything around you is crashing down. We need hope these days, and this travel movie is full of it.


4. A journey around the world: “The Story of God”

Actually is not a travel movie, but a documentary series with Morgan Freeman that debates many religious aspects of our life. But I put it on this list, because in his way to find answers, Morgan travels in different parts of the world. This series is like a journey around the world if you open your eyes and soul. It offers you the opportunity to learn about other cultures, to understand their beliefs and traditions.

You’ll get to see wonderful shots of places like Egypt, India, America, Jerusalem and so on. I think that is the perfect way to spend your afternoon, learning and maybe find a destination for you next holiday. Of course, after the end of Coronavirus. For now we stay at home, right?

5. Travel to Tokyo watching “Lost in Translation”

Did someone said Japan? Well, this adventure needs some Tokyo, that’s why I choose this travel movie. Lost in Translation is a comedy-drama that follows the story of Bob Harris and Charlotte, while they are in Tokyo. The title of the film refers to the loss of identity of the two characters, to an existential crisis, as well as to the cultural shock that the two have in Japan.

I think that this movie is a great opportunity, for someone who wants to go to Japan, to see if this place matches your expectations and of course, getting some romantic vibes while doing this. I know that there is a difference between being there and watching a movie. But the film presents some aspects of this modern city, Tokyo, that you might miss on a possible trip there. Oh, and if I didn’t convince you to watch it, maybe Scarlett Johansson will.

6. “The Motorcycle Diaries” – A movie about the essence of travel

Another movie based on real-life events: the motorcycle road trip that Che Guevara and his friend, Alberto, went on. These two companions drove 14.000 kilometer, in 8 months, to what they called “exploration of South America”. I can’t describe you the joy that I felt when I watched this movie. The Motorcycle Diaries is a visual masterpiece and the amazing views, that this movie offers you, will make those 2 hours look like a minute.

The film manages to highlight the idea that any journey opens up new horizons for you and your friends. That’s why, after this adventure, Che Guevara and Alberto were no longer the same.

7. Explore Vienna in “Before Sunrise”

The story starts with Juliette Binoche’s and Ethan Hawke’s characters who meet on a train. They decided to disembark in Vienna, where they spend the night walking around the city and getting to know each other. Keep in mind that this movie is the first part of a trilogy, followed then by Before Sunset and Before Midnight.

Don’t expect some action, because the plot is minimalistic, but on the other side, full of ideas and perspective about life and love. It’s the perfect way to explore Vienna among with these two characters, to see the surroundings and reflect with them on the eternal question: there is such a thing as soul mate?

8. Stunning adventure in an animation for parents, too: Up”

Well, Pixar and Walt Disney did a great job with this movie. It’s one of my favorites as well! Here you don’t have the chance to see different corners of the world, because it is an animated film. And actually, that’s not the point. It supposed to make you feel something, to give you courage to explore and maybe teach you a lesson. So, let me clear this: it follows the journey of an old man, a flying house, a young boy and a dog. It’s something hard to picture, hah?

I’m not going to say more, just to mention the fact that it makes me cry every time I watch it and that I realize something: it is never too late to follow you heart and to be gone with the wind of dreams!

9. A Map for Saturday” reveals a world of long-term solo travel

Again, is not a travel movie, but a documentary about long-term and/or solo world-travelers. There are so many people out there scared to start a new journey. Why? Impediments are so many! Maybe too many to count… But there are others who, despite the fears of traveling, still choose to see what the world has to offer. Well, A Map for Saturday portraits some of these amazing people. And the most important, it gives you courage that I was talking about from the beginning!

10. “The Way” is the dream of many wanderers

The Way is a heart-warming story of a father who tries to get over the sudden loss of his son. Martin Sheen’s character, Tom, travels to Spain to retrieve his son’s remains, but he decides to walk the ancient spiritual trail, Camino de Santiago, where his son died by himself. The adventure turns out to be full of unforgettable landscapes, unexpected friendships and important life lessons. This  travel movie is a mixture of emotions and feelings, but it also gives you some marvelous images of this majestic place.

Here we go!

I know that this period looks like a nightmare, but I’m 100% that it has an end too. Until then, enjoy the time you have been given! Watch a travel movie if you want too, make a bucket list with your next trips, spend time with your family and try to respect all the restrictions, because we do this for us, for people who saves lives out there and for our prosperity.

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