7 things to do for an intense experience when you visit Peru

by Sandra Herea
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What is the first thing that comes up in your mind when you say Peru? You do not know? Let me try first. When I say Peru, I see warm colours. I see huge mountains that touch the sky with their greatness. I feel the warm of the sun on my skin. I smell the wildness of nature. I can feel the taste of the beautiful traditions that will never die. I can smell the adventure while hiking. Let your emotions dive in the wonders of Peru and let me show you why you should visit it.

Peru is a country situated in West side of South America and the roof to several ancient cultures. If you are looking for a place where nature came along with history and traditions, this country has it all. Here are 7 places you can’t miss when you visit Peru:


1. Cusco, the City of the Sun. The place where culture, history and coffee come together

Peru is definitely stunning, full of stories, buildings and unforgettable dishes, but Cusco is the centre of them all. The city is the original seat of power for the Inca empire. Sounds like adventure, right? Well, it is. Imagine walking on the Peruvian streets, eating ice cream and feel the romantic vibe of this beautiful city. Here, you should not miss Cusco main square, Plaza de Armas, the place where agitation has its roots. “The heart of the city” is bordered by Cusco Cathedral and the smaller Church de La Compañia de Jesus. And because there is nothing prettier than a city in the morning with its empty streets and cold wind, I recommend for you to enjoy your coffee here. Also, don’t forget about Coricancha: the golden Temple of the Sun. Just close your eyes and think about this: a construction build from similarly sized cuboid stones, without any imperfections. Of course, Coricanch has suffered some major changes throughout the history, but definitely you should touch its ruins and feel all those years passing by.


2. Colca Canyon (Cañon del Colca), a little taste of what it means to live in Peru

Colours, warm colours. That’s the perfect word to describe Colca Canyon. It is Peru’s third most-visited tourist destination and one of the deepest canyons in the world. I kown what comes up in your mind when you think about a canyon. Maybe dust and high walls, or a place where life doesn’t show up. But there’s not the case in here. Colca is still inhabited by people of the Collagua and the Cabana cultures, people who don’t give up on their traditions. Explore the depths of this delightful place and be a part of their daily life. Learn about what makes the locals unique and put a smile on their face, and one in your heart. See the ruins of pre-Hispanic settlements throughout the valley and enjoy the diversity of the wildlife.


3. Machu Picchu: magic, history and fresh air

This place begs to be explored. I know that the citadel is perfect for creating memories, taking the perfect photo, catching the the most beautiful glimpse of light, but Machu Picchu is more than that. This city is pure magic. Enjoy it by visiting the Temple of the Moon, located on the far side of Huayna Picchu and Museo de Sitio Manuel Chávez Ballón. The architecture is stunning! Imagine that those stones were cut so precisely that a credit card cannot be inserted between them. But don’t be lost in your thoughts for too long and keep your eyes open, because an adventure may be around the corner. There are always things to be found in this majestic city. Explore the “Lost City of the Incas” with an expert guide on a small group. In this way you have the chace to learn more about the ancient culture of the Incas and get personalized attention and assistance throughout the day. Check availability here to see starting times.

4. The home of architecture in Peru, Lima’s Plaza de Armas

This Historic Center has one of the most beautiful and imposing buildings from Lima. One of them is The Government Palace (Palacio de Gobierno), the house of the President and the location where some governamental meetings took place. But there are so many others you should see, photograph them and wonder how a simple building can say so much? Also, here’s a tip: go and see the beauty of this place in the night. Let the cold wind drive you through the streets of the Lima Plaza de Armas or to its delicious restaurants.


5. A moment of peace in Sillustani

I know it sounds strange, but I always found cemetery the perfect place for meditation and not a creepy one. Well, Sillustani is a pre-Inca cemetery. Do you have an image in your head? Is not a typical one, Inca people were complex human beings. That’s why they build this cemetery with rectangular edges, with chullpas from across the Altipano. Make sure you don’t miss it! Just stay there and enjoy for a second the silence.


6. Four days of pure adventure. The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail  is a hiking trail in Peru that consists of three overlapping trails: Mollepata, Classic and One Day. Explore the beauties of this country in a 4-day, 3-night hike. Sounds great, right? But this is just a definition, the Inca Trail is more than that. This journey is about stepping on mountain passes, is about hearing the sound of birds that floods the whole forest, is about fearing the unknown, is about touching the sky with your eyes. So, why Peru? Why the Inca Trail? Because you have the opportunity to came along ancient narrow paths, deep into the Peruvian countryside and high into the Andean mountains. And that’s not enough, you’ll enjoy the end of this adventure in Machu Picchu. Can you picture this?


7. The last, but not least, The Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley is one of the most visited places in the whole of Peru, and if you don’t have in mind to see this place, you definitely should! Peru has this magic, one that I found really hard to describe. Maybe is because of the history, or because of the nature and its stunning views. I don’t know, but what I can say is that the Sacred Valley gives you the same feelings. Here you have the chance to see an uncountable number of ruins, breathtaking landscapes, stone terraces and how Urubamba River carved the Valley. Also, it is located outside Cusco, about a 1-hour drive from the City. Therefor, if Cusco is on your bucketlist, you definitely can’t miss this place.

Here we go!

If I didn’t convince you to go on a trip in Peru, nothing will. It’s just the perfect place to escape from the reality and to enjoy what the world has to offer. You’re going there to learn something, to see and feel what Peru has for you and these 7 places will match your expectations.


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