Voyazor Launches: The Smartest Way to Find, Compare Cheap Flights And Hotels Rates Around the world.

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PRESS RELEASE:  Fast rising flights and hotel search & comparison engine, Voyazor.com, finally hits the travel market, helping DIY vacantion enthusiasts and smart travelers to find the best flight and hotel booking deals all around the world. With access to deals from over 650 airlines and 300 top booking agencies, travelers quickly find the cheapest price.


Voyazor is not another typical travel price comparison tool found on the web, it’s a combination of cheap rate discovery portal, with a news section releasing the latest travel deals and offers as it breaks out, plus other exciting tools to make the next travel experience more accessible. Some tools that can be found on Voyazor, includes the fare calendar, and our flagship feature, called the Magic Fare


We are glad to see how Voyazor is helping travelers across the globe to cut their traveling cost and helping them secure the best deals they never thought was possible. As a team which merge the experience of booking professionals and the passion of travel enthusiasts, we are looking for a one-stop place to find and compare rates across multiple airlines offers and bookings agencies while at the same time, to be able to know if we can jump on any sweet travel offers as its break out.


Voyazor is bringing more exciting features to our webiste in the nearest future to give our users a richer user experience while using voyazor.com


The Magic Fare is a unique feature that allows visitors to type only their departure place into the search bar and instantly retrieve a complete list of the cheapest flights, regardless of destination or travel date 


When it’s time to pick up the cheapest travel deals without wasting a bunch of one’s time and get to know the latest deals as soon it’s available, Voyazor is the shortcut. 

For more information about Voyazor an­­­d be in the know of the latest flights, hotels and deals and offers for the next journey visit, https://voyazor.com




Media inquiries, please contact us at hello@voyazor.com­­



About Voyazor


An online flight price comparison tool that leverages a network of more than 650 airlines and over 300 booking agencies, and still counting, to pick the cheapest flight deals across the web. Voyazor is a borne out of the need to grab the best offers with the lowest pricing, and It’s run and managed by a team of travel professionals. More about us, here.

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