Cheap non-stop flights to Hawaii from West Coast (& vice versa) from only $267 roundtrip

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Cheap non-stop flights from West Coast USA to Hawaiian islands from only $267 roundtrip with United Airlines, Alaska Airlines or Hawaiian Airlines. Find the cheapest flights to Kahului / Honolulu / Kona / Lihue / Hilo, Hawaii from San Francisco / San Jose / San Diego / Oakland / Portland /Seattle /Phoenix / Sacramento / Los Angeles and book your ticket at the best price! Flights to Hawaii will cost from 267 USD both ways.  Also works in reverse.

From snowcapped volcanoes to rainforests to lava-rock deserts, Hawaii is much more than the parade of high-rise hotels that hug glorious Waikiki Beach. The push and pull between highly developed tourist apex, ancient Polynesian culture, and natural paradise is palpable in the complex 50th state. Add to that the vestiges of “old” (pre–1959 statehood) Hawaii—the one where mai tais are poured in a salty seaside shack to the tune of hapa haole (Hawaiian music with English lyrics), and you have a destination with a rich, complex identity. But everywhere the generous spirit of “aloha” is infectious, making lifetime repeat visitors of many who set foot on these exotic, yet very American, islands. — TRAVEL + LEISURE

Travel dates:

Februari – May 2020

Sample dates:

2nd-11th Mar; 3rd-9th Mar; 3rd-10th Mar; 3rd-11th Mar; 9th-17th Mar; 11th-17th Mar; 11th-18th Mar; 11th-19th Mar; 19th-23rd Mar; 23rd-30th Mar; 23rd-31st Mar; 26th Mar – 2nd Apr; 31st Mar – 6th Apr; 31st Mar – 7th Apr; 31st Mar – 8th Apr; 16th-20th Apr; 20th-27th Apr; 20th-28th Apr; 20th-29th Apr; 22nd-28th Apr; 27th Apr – 4th May; 27th Apr – 5th May; 27th Apr – 6th May; 28th Apr – 4th May; 30th Apr – 5th May; 5th-13th May; 5th-14th May; 6th-11th May; 11th-19th May; 11th-20th May; 18th-27th May; 19th-27th May; and more… There are many dates available. You can play around our weekly calendar widget with the dates to match your plans with our deal.


San Francisco/San Jose/San Diego/Oakland/Portland/Seattle/Phoenix/Sacramento/Los Angeles, USA

Kahului/Honolulu/Kona/Lihue/Hilo, USA


San Francisco/San Jose/San Diego/Oakland/Portland/Seattle/Phoenix/Sacramento/Los Angeles, USA

PLEASE NOTE: There are far too many routes for us to find example dates for, so please wise our fare calendar to find cheapest route to match your plans.

Booking Sample:

San Francisco – Kahului – San Francisco ( click below to search and reserve the lowest price)


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