Cheap Flights from Paris to MARTINIQUE for only €283 round-trip, full-service!

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Full-service flights from Paris to Fort de France, MARTINIQUE for €283 round-trip by Corsair. Get cheap flights to the Caribbean from France. Tickets will cost just from 283 EUR both ways.

An outpost of France in the Caribbean, Martinique brings fantastic cuisine to the table along with rhum agricole, the fragrant rum distilled directly from locally grown sugar cane. Small resorts here cater to a sophisticated clientele—mostly from France and Europe, but with a growing contingent of Americans attracted by discount airfares and the island’s unique blend of French, African, Creole, and West Indian cultures.

Travel dates:

September to October 2020

Sample dates:

7 – 14 Sep; 7 – 17 Sep; 7 – 21 Sep; 14 – 21 Sep; 14 – 24 Sep ; and more…

There are many dates available. You can play around our weekly calendar widget with the dates to match your plans with our deal.


Booking Sample:

Paris – Fort de France – Paris

When in Martinique, check this outstanding property very well reviwed at a good price with lots of facilities:

And BOOK A TAXI TRANSFER from Airport to your Hotel.

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