Cheap flights from Las Vegas to JAPAN, from only $441 roundtrip

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Cheap flights from Las Vegas, Nevada to Tokyo, Japan for $441 roundtrip, full service. Find the cheapest flights to Tokyo or Osaka from Las Vegas and book your ticket at the best price! Tickets cost from 441 USD return.

Visit Japan to experience a land where cutting-edge modernity coexists with ancient tradition. Tokyo — Japan’s capital city — is one of the world’s premier technology hubs. With a population of more than 13 million people, the urban center is a spectacular, shimmering neon-lit metropolis, with a raucous nightlife, delicious food and a vibrant art, theater and music scene. But Japan travel shouldn’t end with Tokyo. The city of Kyoto is a cultural treasure, where one can watch geishas dance in traditional garb before stopping to reflect on the experience at a peaceful Zen rock garden.— Travel + Leisure

Fly cheap from Las Vegas  to Tokyo for only  $441 roundtrip.

Also there is a deal from Las Vegas to Osaka from only $471


Travel dates:

March – May 2020

Sample dates:

9th-16th Mar;  9th-17th Mar; 9th-18th Mar; 10th-17th Mar; 10th-18th Mar; 10th-19th Mar; 16th-24th Mar; 18th-25th Mar; 18th-26th Mar; 29th Mar – 6th Apr; 30th Mar – 6th Apr; 6th-14th Apr; 6th-15th Apr; 6th-16th Apr; 7th-16th Apr; 8th-16th Apr; 9th-16th Apr; 14th-21st Apr; 26th Apr – 4th May; 27th Apr – 4th May; 27th Apr – 5th May; 27th Apr – 6th May; 28th Apr – 5th May; 28th Apr – 6th May; 29th Apr – 6th May; and more… There are many dates available. You can play around our weekly calendar widget with the dates to match your plans with our deal.

Booking sample:

Las Vegas – TOKYO – Las Vegas ( click below to search and reserve the lowest price)

Las Vegas – Osaka – Las Vegas ( click below to search and reserve the lowest price)


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