Cheap flights from BARI, ITALY to ZANZIBAR, only €350 roundtrip by Turkish Airline!

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Cheap flights from Bari, Italy to ZANZIBAR from €350 roundtrip! Find the cheapest flights to Zanzibar from Italy and book your ticket at the best price! Flights to Zanzibar will cost from 348 EUR both ways.

Over the centuries, the islands of the Zanzibar archipelago have been a hub for spice merchants, intrepid explorers, and big game hunters. But a new wave of upscale luxury resorts has transformed Zanzibar into a destination for travelers seeking five-star comforts, as well.
But if you visit Zanzibar, you’ll still hear that wild call of nature that has long been a siren’s song for backpackers and adventurers. Few places on the planet are as beautiful, entrancing, and exotic as the Tanzanian archipelago.

Fly from Italy to Zanzibar at cheapest price from €348 roundtrip, full-service, by Turkish Airline


Travel dates:

April – Jun 2020

Sample dates:

8 – 20 Apr; 22 Apr – 7 May; 4 – 19 May; 11 – 24 May; 22 May – 6 Jun; and more… There are many dates available. You can play around our weekly calendar widget with the dates to match your plans with our deal.

Booking sample:

Bari – Zanzibar – Bari ( click below to search and reserve the lowest price)
NB! There is a long stopover in Istanbul. You will have a chance to explore this city!

Check our selection of popular resorts discounted in Zanzibar and BOOK A TAXI TRANSFER from Airport to your Hotel.

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Sofia15.08.202121.08.2021Tickets from 18
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Genoa11.10.202115.10.2021Tickets from 34
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Valencia23.09.202127.09.2021Tickets from 39
Kyiv23.09.202127.09.2021Tickets from 40
Lviv01.09.202105.09.2021Tickets from 40
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